Post cycle therapy , ,

Post cycle therapy

Oxandrolone (a common name for oxandrolone among athletes) is useless if your main goal is to build massive muscle mass. Suitable for those who have already achieved the desired result in training and just want to create good relaxation or maintain physical shape. How is Oxandrolone used? Everything is simple here. Oxandrolone tablets are taken orally like other tablet steroids. They should be washed with a small amount (200-300 ml) of water. Put under your tongue or chew – no need! Oxandrolone is recommended to be taken after a meal for people with gastrointestinal problems. If you have a good stomach, you can drink Oksana an hour before a meal.

Oxandrolone course – dosage

Oxandrolone course - dosage

The course of oxandrolone lasts for up to eight weeks and is often supplemented with various AAS, such as testosterone, which helps neutralize the negative effects of the anabolic substance on the reproductive system. You also need to lead a healthy lifestyle and use a sporty diet that will further accelerate the formation of muscle relief.

Oxandrolone solo course

The regimen for oxandrolone is as follows:

  • The daily dose for 1 to 3 weeks is 4 tablets of 10 mg
  • Take 5-6 tablets of 10 mg per day for the fourth week
  • Week 5 – The dose is 6 tablets a day
  • You should take 7 tablets a day for the sixth week
  • Although Anavar is a mild anabolic steroid, you should take Clomid a week or two after you stop taking it. The duration of the Clomid course is one and a half months

Drying Oxandrolone

The great package is Testosterone Propionate + Anavar. Thanks to this combination, you can dry out and gain a few kilograms of quality weight. If oxandrolone can be used by athletes, you should not think that it may be ineffective in men. The presence of a testosterone ester in the cycle guarantees that you will get good drying results.

Propionate is administered according to the classic regimen of 0.1 gram daily.
Oxandrolone should be taken as six tablets a day throughout the cycle.
The duration of the cycle is six weeks.
To avoid estrogenic side effects, take anastrozole on the course for the third week (1 tablet every three or four days). The duration of rehabilitation therapy (Clomid) is two weeks.

PCT after oxandrolone

PCT after oxandrolone

After a course with Oxandrolone – PCT is a must! You inject the body with a hormonal drug from the outside, then its own hormonal background is disturbed, and if no other course or “steroid bridge” is planned, then you have to transfer the hormones to a “preliminary course”. indicate, announce. . It should also be noted that building courses with Oksana can be huge, and each one will have its own score. That is, there is no single scheme.

If we talk about the average, after the course of Oxana, PCT is enough to take Clomid in doses: 100 mg for 2 days, 50 mg for 10 days and 25 mg for 10 days. It must also be included in the diet of vitamin groups: A, B, C, E, zinc. Don’t try to do the same with the course. So reduce the intensity of your training to maintain your working weight. Remember that you can always write in the advice section of our website and get free advice on any topic. We will not pay much attention to this section, we have already written enough about it and in this article. Remember: PCT should be done after EVERY steroid cycle!

Side effects

Anavar interacts very weakly with 5-alpha-reductase, which has almost no effect on the synthesis of a substance like dihydrotestosterone. It is the strongest androgen in the human body. This fact indicates that during the course you do not need to take drugs such as finasteride. Like any tablet preparation, it is alkylated during the manufacturing process. Researchers have shown that about a third of the dose is consumed in its original form.

Compared to steroids like methyltestosterone or fluoxymesterone, oxandrolone can be boldly called a liver-safe anabolic steroid. Taking 50 milligrams a day for two to three months will not change your liver function. You do not need gonadotropins for the Solo Oxana course and combined cycles depend on the AAS used and their dose. The use of Clomid, tamoxifen or toremifene is also important during rehabilitation therapy. We found no side effects with 99% of Oxandrolone!

To reduce the possibility of side effects to zero, consult a specialist, ask him to calculate the exact dose for you or write to us and let our prof. dr. Athlete.