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Combined course of Oxandrolone

Oxandrolone’s most valuable attribute is its ability to increase muscle relaxation and strength.

Oxandrolone’s ability to burn fat, increase growth hormone levels and significantly increase strength is also highly valued.

Oxandrolone is often used specifically to build muscle mass. At the same time, this anabolic steroid is best suited for athletes who already boast about having insufficient muscle mass and excess body fat. For such athletes, oxandrolone helps tone muscles and reduce subcutaneous fat layer.

Oxandrolone: ​​side effects

Oxandrolone: ​​side effects

If you take Oxandrolone in moderate doses, side effects are unlikely. At high doses, the following side effects may occur:

  • Reduced production of gonadotropins,
  • Testicular atrophy
  • Decreased libido
  • Slow erection
  • Loss of appetite
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • High blood pressure

Oxandrolone is one of the safest steroids as its side effects are very rare.

Oxandrolone: ​​Approximately one course

Oxandrolone’s solo course is great for improving muscle relaxation. The recommended course duration is 6-8 weeks. It is recommended that the oxandrolone cycle be started at 20 mg daily (in two divided doses). After a week, the dose of Oxandrolone can be increased to 40 or even 80 mg a day (in three divided doses). If there are no side effects during the course, the recommended duration is 5-6 weeks.

To restore your testosterone production, start taking tamoxifen 10 mg daily two days after the end of your oxandrolone cycle. 1-2 weeks. Of course, for the course to work best, you should follow a special diet and include an appropriate sports diet in your diet.

Oxandrolone: ​​a combined course.
A course of oxandrolone usually contains highly androgenic drugs. This is to prevent some side effects (such as severe erections, decreased libido and to protect the liver from the toxic effects of the medicine). These highly androgenic drugs are:

  • Susanon
  • Testosterone
  • Primobobolanas

Of course, oxandrolone.

Oxandrolone: ​​Approximately one course

Good results can be obtained when Clenbuterol is taken at the same time as 120-140 mcg per day of oxandrolone.
Oxandrolone alone cannot significantly build muscle. However, in combination with other drugs, it potentiates the effects of many steroids. For example, oxandrolone can be well combined with Dianabol, Deca-Durabolin, and various types of testosterone. In such combinations, oxandrolone provides strength and the second steroid provides mass. Therefore, when it comes to dosing, you should follow these recommendations:

  • Deca-Durabolin 200 mg weekly
  • Testosterone enanthate 500 mg weekly
  • Oxandrolone 25 mg per week or more

This combination allows most athletes to achieve good strength and size. Deca-Durabolin has an anabolic effect and also promotes protein synthesis. Testosterone increases aggression and accelerates regeneration, and oxandrolone increases strength

If you decide to take a combined course of Oxandrolone, follow these rules:

  • The dose of oxandrolone should not exceed 40 mg daily during the combined course
  • The maximum result of the combined course is achieved by combining a sports nutrition complex and a special diet

The combined course will not only achieve the desired relief, but will also increase muscle mass.